Application cases in animation rendering

In recent years as the animation industry grows, the term "rendering farm" becomes more and more popular in the industry. The so-called rendering farm refers to a server cluster, or rendering cluster made up by several servers in a network for a single or multiple rendering tasks. The cluster dispatches massive rendering tasks in pieces to other servers on the network, and save to a specific folder after the computation is completed.

Animation rendering industry has a massive demand on high performance computing, it demands high computation CPU capacity, memory bandwidth, storage IO, network interaction

Inspur tailors its solutions by the characteristics of rendering industry applications.


List of application cases

Shandong Qilu Software Park

Mainly for multimedia, animation rendering, video production

Jiangsu Hehai University

Mainly for media, animation rendering

School of software, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Mainly for rendering farm education

Ningxia Northern Ethic University

Mainly for rendering computation

Shijiazhuang Orient Art College

Mainly for rendering farm education

Zibo Vocational Technology School

Mainly for animation education integration of "production-education-college"

Shenzhen Dongkai Animation Rendering Company

Mainly for media, animation rendering




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