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Background of Biological science platform construction of Beijing Institute of Genomics of CAS

Inspur TS10000 high-performance computing system

Application area

Biological science platform

System scale

112 blade nodes and 432TB high-magnitude storage 

Computing network

10000M trunk network


Rocks 5.1


Leading biological science platform with 10000 billion /s computing capability and high-magnitude storage based on 10000MEthernet

Beijing Institute of Genomics of CAS was founded on Nov 28, 2003. As the predecessor of genomics, Beijing HuadaGenomics Research Center has joined in the international human being genomics monomer chart plan and has independently completed “China super cross-bred paddygenomics plan” (This project is awarded by the CAS with the best technology achievement group award ), home-bred silkworm genomics plan and home-bred chook gene multi-modal chart in the past five years. The center first completes the SARS virus gene group sequence testing and diagnosis agent research. The “Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, called as GPB” became the core periodicals of CSCD since 2007. The center was approved to CAS to found the “Genomics Science and Information Key Lab of CAS”.

Beijing Genomics Research Center engages the complicated application. Now the mainstream biological science software are installed on this platform. All software has different features, e.g. Blast has a higher demand for the system I/O and will consume a higher memory. NAMD is the computing-centralized application and has a higher demand for the computing performance. To meet the application demand of Beijing Genomics research institute, considering the extension in the future, the construction rule of this biological science platform is identified.

1 High performance: Require higher computing performance, network communication and disk IO and more computing resources (CPU quantity and memory)

2 High capacity: the high magnitude memory is matched with the job flow of the sequence tester to store the sequence file and image file by level.

3 Scalability: The computing capability, storage capability and communication capability are very scalable.

4  Leading: The advanced technology leads in the industry for a period.

5, Adaptability:  Be adapted to the features of HPC system for different applications.


6, Good service: As the public biological information computing platform oriented to the institute, the supplier should provide the complete

120 blade nodes are used in the computing system.  The main frequency of the processor is 2.66GHz. 240 CPU and 960 cores join in computing. The whole computing peak is up to 10210 billion/s.

9 sets of Inspur AS400 network devices are used at IO node. it can provide 432 TB storage space and is flexible and scalable. The storage system is based on NAS storage mode. the 10000M Ethernet is used for transport to perfect support the data switching system of the whole platform.

All nodes are managed by a KVM switching system for easy operation. the video switching network supports maximal 512 device extension to meet the extension demand of the user.

The computing network is established based on the 10000M trunk network. The whole system can realize the full-linear non-blocked communication. The Infiniband high-speed network is used in two blade groups to compose a 20-ndoe high-speed private network to meet the demand of the applications requiring a higher IO communication.

Inspur uses the Rocks 4.3 OS. Generally the biological software is updated slowly. The latest OS version is not very suitable for the biological platform. Rocks is the open source code software package and can efficiently create and maintain the high-performance cluster. It integrates the job scheduling system, cluster supervision system and related biological science software package, so this system is suitable for the biological science platform.

For this project, Inspur “360 expert service” pr ovides the perfect project implementation, professional technology training technical support and after-sale service

Beijing Institute of Genomics of CAS---biological science platform

The IA architecture-based server is used as the computing node in Inspur TS10000 cluster system, so the system scalability is powerful. When the demand for the system computing capability is higher in the actual application, the computing nodes can be added to improve the system computing performance. the high system availability can effectively protect your investment.


(1)Isomerous platform---high price/performance ratio

The node includes 16GB memory and some special thick nodes includes 32GB memory in the computing network. the whole platform network is fused into 10000M network, optical network and Infiniband network. from the view of the customer application, the customer requirements and application features are considered for perfect adaptation in the whole design.

(2) Low power consumption—reduce continued investment

Inspur TS10000 rendering node is based on the high-performance processing chip platform Intel 5000P chipset. The power conversion efficiency of Inspur blade system is up to 93% to save the power for the customer. Without a task, the user can remotely shut down via Inspur supervision software to further reduce the power consumption.

(3) Rocks operating system---suitable for biological science application

Inspur uses the Rocks 4.3 OS for this project. Rocks is the open source code software package and can efficiently create and maintain the high-performance cluster. It integrates the cluster management software package and job scheduling system to better manage the cluster system. Rocks system integrates BIO biological information processing software package and includes a large number of biological information software, so it is ideal for the biological information platform.

(4)Local service----360° expertise service can free the user of worries

Inspur server service does not only indicate the after-sale service. when we first contact the user, we provide the before-sale consulting service, the high-quality during-sale service during the project and excellent after-sale after the products are sold. The after-sale of Inspur server is provided by the engineers trained and certified by Inspur to guarantee the effective service.

Application experience of customer

After the teacher Hu of the project team checks our scheme, he confirms us at the bidding site. He said: “Inspur fully demonstrates our application and the provided scheme is suitable for our application as if the scheme is customized for us”. Inspur scheme is recognized by the customer and wins the bid. Inspur implementation project team communicates with the customer during the project implementation and makes the implementation plan, so the customer highly appraises Inspur construction progress.

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