Inspur Tiansuo TS10000

Product Introduction

Inspur Tiansuo TS10000 is the product of Advanced Strategy Plan under Tiansuo Project. It integrates the latest techniques and the understanding of server industry. It is suitable for super-large and super high-performance scientific applications. By the excellent performance, it has become the ideal platform for oil exploration, weather forecast, and scientific research in universities. TS10000 aims to improve the running efficiency of existing HPC applications, and to improve the system expandability. With Intel® Xeon® processors or Intel® Anteng® processors, high-speed switch technology, and open system architecture, the system overall computing power, data communication between acceleration nodes, and system I/O bandwidth are improved. It is useful in developing different levels of software applications, promoting collaborative computation between system internal server, storage, and applications.

Functional Characteristics |

Interconnect equipment with leading technologies

Adopt leading interconnect technology- InfiniBand; the interconnect bandwidth between nodes is up to 10- 30Gbit/S, and delay is as low as 4.5~6us. With the technical openness, it is compatible with other interconnect equipment.

Flexible choice of nodes

Support Intel® Xeon® processor and provide high price performance computing power

Support Intel® Merced ® processor and provide the computing power needed by large-scale complex applications

Expandability satisfying future applications

Simplify system expansion and update; support smooth expansion of nodes

Linear expansion of performance and throughput

Easier deployment and management

Provide system control and management with self-developed cluster management software

Create cluster single system image; provide intelligence, automation and acceleration for clustering deployment

Open, common computing platform

Soft- and hard-ware architecture is standard, open and common

System platform with high efficiency and portability


As a high-performance server, Inspur Tiansuo TS10000 computing system is specially designed for large-scale scientific calculation. It adopts open architecture and uses IA architecture as its computing node. Adopt cluster architecture; Interconnection between high-speed communication networks is made with 10- 30Gbit/s InfiniBand network or giga Ethernet. Provide single system image.

Functional modules

Server node: user login/management cluster

Storage node: cluster data storage center

Computation module

Responsible for computing tasks, computing center for cluster data

High-speed Internet

Use InfiniBand network or giga Ethernet as the high-speed network for node communications

Management network

Use 1000M or 100M switch network to supervise the cluster system

Case system

Consist of case, power module, cooling system, switching system, monitor, keyboard and mouse

Name TS10000
System 2~1024+ nodes
Processor 4~2048+ Intel® Xeon® processor
Memory 2GB ~ 16TB
Operating system Redhat Linux AS4.0 / Redhat Linux AS5.0 / WCCS2003
Storage expandable as large as 200T
Switch unit InfiniBand/GigaEthernet high-speed switch units
Network performance maximum bandwidth 30Gbit/S; minimum delay 2~3us
Network high-speed switch network and management network
Console KVM switcher; keyboard, mouse and monitor
Management software Inspur Tiansuo management software、inspurCROWN Virtual Cluster
System size 600x980x2050(mm) (W*D*H)
Power supply 200-240V 50Hz±1Hz
Operating temperature 12~22 degrees
Operating humidity 20%-80%

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