Inspur Tiansuo TS30000

Professional high-efficiency platform for the application

TS30000 is the new-generation high-performance server product developed by Inspur for the high-end business application. Compared with TS20000, the TS30000 is improved much in the performance, availability, scalability and maintainability. The TS30000 product includes TB80/TH80/TH85/TR80/TR160 type and covers the application modes such as hardware balancer, access load balancer, database dual host and parallel database. It can meet the requirements for the data information processing, data information share and transport and data information storage in the L3 business computing application mode.

New features

Support Quad-core Intel processor

TS30000 supports the Intel® Itanium-based six-core Xeon™MP processor. The main frequency reaches 2.66GHz. It includes 16MB cache and supports 1066MHz front system bus. The system bandwidth is improved by over 50% to meet the peak requirement and improve the investment return.

Support 4Gb optical storage

The storage devices supported by TS30000 nearly covers the whole Inspur AS serial product and can be completely compatible to and optimize the 4Gb optical storage device. TS30000 supports the storage software such as Active Storage Manager, path redundancy and failure automatic handover, data volume isolation and mapping, data snapshot, data duplication and remote data synchronization, so TS30000 is improved in the IO communication and storage management.

Support high-speed communication protocol RDS

With RDS protocol, the communication performance is remarkable improved between RAC nodes. Compared with the TCP/IP protocol, the data throughput is improved by double times. CPU utilization rate and physical delay of the node communication reduces by double times. With the RDS protocol, the whole performance of Oracle RAC is improved by double times.

EffiScale management and monitoring software

Inspur EffiScale management monitoring software is the new-generation professional server management monitoring software specially developed for Inspur TS server products, provides single imaging server management interface to the administrator, utilizes the strengths of the existing popular server and cluster management software and is unique in the group management, concurrent operation, cross platform, single imaging, semi-3-D graphic interface and intelligent alarm, so it can reduce the management cost of the user and improve the user management efficiency.

Technical Specification

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