Inspur TS8650G3 is designed with Inspur elastic deployment idea. Led by 863 engineering, for the high elasticity and high-availability network service demand, Inspur develops out the new-generation professional hardware balance scheduler by integrating multiple mature technologies. With Inspur TS8650G3, an elastic and high-availability server cluster can be easily constructed to meet the network load demand of the applications such as government, education, telecommunication, ISP and ICP, enterprise website, FTP, DNS, electronic office, office automation and VOD.

Key strengths

Professional hardware load balancer

TS8650G3 load balancer can realize the balance scheduling from several servers to hundreds of servers
With multiple scheduling algorithms such as weight allocation, the product can realize the intelligent load allocation of the servers with different performances to avoid the resource waste.

TS8650G3 load balancer realizes the transparency of the background cluster server and can flexibly adjust the server deployment mode.

The deployed cluster server realizes the hardware and software redundancy and high availability.

TS8650G3 load balancer provides the administrator with the integrated, perfect, visual and cross-platform management environment.

Technical Specification

 Technical parameters  8650G3
 Port  12个10/100/1000M RJ45 Ethernet port
 CPU  Xeon 3430 2.4Ghz (8M L3 cache, Xeon four cores)
 Memory  2GB(scalable)
 Storage medium  160GB
 Maximal concurrent sessions  8,000,000
 Throughput  940Mbps
 Switching rear board  32Gb/s
 IP routing table item  No restriction
 L4 processing capability  73,000cps
 L7 processing capability  16,800 RPS(Request per second)
 Supported virtual server quantity  No restriction
High availability  Support the dual-host and high-availability balancer
Supported network protocol  Support all TCP/UDP protocols
Prevent Dos attacks  Prevent against the Dos attack and SYNC attack
Security management  Friendly web page and management based on HTTP, SSH and LCD
Power supply  250W power supply
Power consumption  120W(MAX)


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