Inspur Yitian Desktop Supercomputers

1000 billion, desktop, small and low power consumption super computer

Inspur “Yitain” desktop super computer is based on CPU-GPU collaboration computing acceleration architecture and provides 1000 billion time computing performance based on the volume equivalent to a common PC server, provides a brand-new solution with the ultra-high price/performance ratio for concurrent processing of a large number of data and computing centralization applications, and provides the desktop green and environment protection personal super computer to many researchers.

Key strengths

Collaborative computing acceleration architecture

GPU computing unit is introduced innovatively to break through the traditional single computing unit. With the collaboration between the latest Intel Nehalem processor core and NVIDIA Tesla acceleration computing technology, CPU and GPU can work respectively. CPU can work for the suitable logic selection, judgment skip and IO communication. GPU is for the computing centralization and high concurrency computing, so the computing resources can be reasonably assigned. The computing power is fully released. The computing performance can increase by several times or hundreds of times.

Large-scale concurrent computing processing core

 Compared with multi-core PCU which can allow few thread processes to simultaneously work, GPU can allow to simultaneously execute several thousand thread processes, so our system can process more information flows. Now Tesla processing unit supports 240 processor cores. The peak processing speed reaches 1000 billion times. With the collaborative and scalable architecture, the GPU can be added on demand. generally the acceleration ratio is up to 1-2 magnitude.

High-speed IO switching technology between collaborative processing units

Every device has the dedicated connection. GPU need not request the bandwidth to the whole bus and can improve the data transport rate to a higher frequency. Inspur “Yitian” is based on PCI-E 2.0 X16 and can provide 16GB/s bandwidth.

Based on the latest Intel QPI technology

To better exert the collaboration effect of CPU and GPU, Inspur “Yitian” desktop super computer can realize the 6.4GT/s transport rate with the Intel QPI(Quick Path Interconnect) technology.

Excellent programming environment

The CUDA(Compute Unified Device Architecture) universal parallel computing architecture enables GPU to solve the complicated computing issue. It includes the parallel computing engine based on CUDA instruction set architecture (ISA) and GPU. The developers can program with C program for CUDA. C language is an extensively applied advanced programming language. The program can support to run efficiently on the CUDA processor and support other language in future, including FORTRAN and C++.

Application example

Biological science: molecule dynamics, gene sorting, protein folding and computing chemistry.

Engineering science: CAD/CAM/CAE, sphere physics, CFD, Mathematics and LabView.

Governmental defense: weapon, image processing and battlefield simulation.

Medical treatment: MRI, CT and image-assisted treatment.

Petroleum chemistry: earthquake information processing and oil field emulation.

Finance: risk analysis, derivative finance commodity simulation and transaction algorithm

Vision: render farm such as game and cartoon.

Electronic design automation EDA: SPICE, Verilog and 3D EM

Technical Specification

  Yitian NF 5188
 Host processor Supports 2 processors of Intel® Xeon 5500, 5600 series (max 95W)
 GPU computation unit  Supports  two Nvidia® Tesla C1060, 2050, 2070
 Memory 12 DIMM slots, supports 800/1066/1333MHz DDR3 ECC Registered Memory.
 Storage Supports three 3.5″ hot-swappable SATA hard disks, supports RAID 0,1,5,10
 I/O extension slot 2 PCI-E 2.0 x16、1 PCI-E 2.0 x4(x16 slots-Low Profile)
 Network controller Integrated Intel® 82576 double port 1000M Ethernet card
 Display card Integrated Matrox G200eW
 System dimension Width 437 x  Height 43x  Depth 716mm
 Power supply 1400W high efficiency power
 Supported OS Windows XP、Red Hat Linux AS 5.0/5.2/5.3
 Working temperature 5℃~35℃
 Voltage 200-240V
International Certificates ISO9001 International Quality Management System
ISO14001 International Environment Management System


  Yitian NF5588
 Processor Intel dual-channel Xeon 55xx 、56xx serial (maximum is 95W)
 Interface Socket 1366
 System front bus Support 800/1066/1333MHz
 Memory 12 memory slots, support DDR3 ECC Unbuffered/DDR3 ECC Register,800/1066/1333MHz, support three-channel crossed access and support maximal 48GB memory for the whole device
 Harddisk controller Integrated SATA controller
 RAID hostraid 1,0,10, support external raid card
 Storage Support 8 hot plug 3.5-inch SATA/SAS
 I/O extension slots  4 PCI-E2.0 x16, 2 PCI-E2.0 x4(x16 slots), 1 PCI-E1.0 x4(x8 slots) and 2 PCI 33MHz
 Integrated I/O port 2 PS/2 keyboard mouse interfaces, 5 rear USB interface, 2 front USB interfaces, 2 built-in USB interfaces, 1 VGA interface, 6 rear audio interfaces, 1 rear network BMC management interface, 1 rear serial interface and 1 built-in serial interface
 Network controller Integrate 2 Intel 82574L 1000M adaptors
 Power supply Redundant dual power supply 1400W
 Display card Integrate Matrox G200eW ,optional FX370LP/FX1800/FX3800/FX5800
 CDROM Optional external DVD drive
 Dimension Width 452 x height 178 x depth 746mm
 Supported operating  system Windows xp sp2, Redhat Linux AS 5.0/5.2/5.3
 Working environment 5℃~35℃
 Power supply voltage 200-240V
 International  certification ISO9001 international quality management system
ISO14001 international environment management system
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